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Welcome to the club!

Do You Want to Be Our Next Intern?

Teaming up with various organisations to find the best across the globe, we are looking forward to welcoming a new team of energetic youngsters.

What will you do:

You will be part of an international team, set to add value to our business and our clients. As an intern, you will be involved in projects for Accademis and external clients, getting a good combination of start-up development and hands-on business experience.

What we’re looking for:

Enthusiasm, fluency in English, an interest for new technologies and a passion for creativity.

What is the ACCADEMATI Club?

Given the hyper-urbanization challenge, urban leaders around the world have similar ambitions for improvement: they want more accessible, safe, more efficient and healthier cities which take advantage of emerging technologies to inherently become more intelligent. These issues are not mutually exclusive and addressing the connections between them is pivotal in creating a better urban future.

“Bossy tech” – technology that intervenes – is the new big thing in many mayors’ offices from London to Boston, Quito to Delhi. City planners are keen to take advantage of the improved connectivity by creating more sensors and using fast-developing analytics to interpret them.

Khalifa B.

Web Developer, TUN

Accademis and clients’ websites, Menu development, Amazon products support

Mauli B.

Web Developer, CAN

Accademis website, Contact form, SPAS conceptual narrative

Andrea F.

Graphic Designer, MEX

Brandbook, Module photography, Company branded materials

Ana Ester S.

Product Designer, PAN

SPAS Headphones design, Internship rewards program

Maria S.

Graphic Designer, DNK

Branding guidelines and website design, Infographics

Margherita T.

Graphic Designer, ITA

Branding guidelines and website design, Accademis newsletter, Accademati Team Engineer

Abir L.

Web Developer, TUN

Accademis and clients’ websites, PointMe app mockup

Ved P.

Graphic/Product Designer, IND

Logos, Product concepts, First ATE (Accademati Team Engineer)

Najmuddin S.

Business Development, IND

Reward system plan, Promotional video

Kate K.

Social Media & Marketing, UKR

Strategy creation, Content plan

Gulnara A.

Product Designer, AZE

SPAS concept, Glasses and Hairclip

Călin P.

Graphic Designer, ROU

Infographics, Industry icons, Thumbnails

Wassim C.

Web Developer, TUN development, Contact forms, Use cases

Anastasia Y.

Graphic Designer, UKR

Logo, Product Class Marketing, IoT Industry Pictures

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