Focus on RF

ACCADEMIS  is about energy; Radio-Frequency energy, its management, flow and its efficient utilisation; from idea to the global markets.

Electronic product development, from its initial concept and design through to volume production. Designing and manufacturing advanced electronic components requires speed, cost-efficiency and scalability. 

Design, Create & Develop

Being digital at core through smart, connected intelligent technologies for great world, business and user experiences. 

Taste of Excellence 

The Technology Potential

Sensor and the IoT advances can determine where and how technology can create real economic and business value.

Your Connected-World, Our Aid 

Your Concepts

Solve global problems.
Ramp-up your capabilities with global skills.
Fearlessly work on your idea. 

Think Global

Innovate with ACCADEMIS

Innovate together: are you working on a connected concept? Are you looking for proof of it, further development, prototyping, porting to mass-production or OEM promotion? If you are and you are also striving to the global markets then we are here to help.

Excited as you are ... join us!

Discover Unique Opportunities  Globally Oriented, Like You!