Wireless Design 

Ideas to commercial for the global market; specialising in the seamless integration of wireless connectivity...

What we do

We are set to accelerate time-to-market and to boost wider, global product relevance for consumer, infrastructure, and industrial connected devices, for Innovators, Startups, System Integrators, and OEMs.

Fueled by passion, we are striving to add value to the bright, dynamic ecosystems of the global domains. As wireless RF solutions specialists, we help engineering teams to deliver optimal answers to complex connectivity challenges. 

We perform all aspects of electronic product development, from initial concept and design through to volume production.

The partnerships we have with leading manufacturers combined with our long-term experience in designing and manufacturing advanced electronic components enable us to deliver high-quality solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Our high performance is due to a combination of engineering excellence, hands-on design and manufacturing capabilities, best practices in project management and strong relationships with technology partners.

Our End-To-End Wireless Design Services

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Commercial Analysis

Initial Design

Business Plan

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AML Selection



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Pilot Batch

Error Elimination

Integration Tests

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Certification Tests

Certification Documents

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Final AML Selection

BOM Optimisation

Final Documentation

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Full-scale manufacturing

Process Control

Quality Control

Benefits of working with us

We enable customers to turn their ideas into working electronic products quickly, efficiently and market-effective

Time to Market
Total Costs Savings
Market Share

Top Wireless Technologies 

Innovation potential, expected future impact, and continuous evolution mark the top wireless technologies. Wireless technologies evolve rapidly enabling new networking capabilities but also driving innovation in a range of areas beyond communications.


Wi-Fi is finding new roles beyond simple communications: enhanced location sensing, radar to track people, sensing human respiration rate, gesture recognition, backscatter, two-factor authentication, optical networking (LiFi), underwater networking.


Bluetooth, with a plethora of useful applications, is firmly in the foreground of consumer tech innovations: wireless speakers, headphones and earphones, trackers evolution, smart home integration and centralization, health monitoring, artificial Intelligence in sports.


LPWAN (LoRa, HaLow, NB-IoT) covers very large areas, such as cities or entire countries: wide range, low-cost devices, such as sensors and trackers, utility meters, private networks, in-building sensing.


Compared to 4G, 5G will deliver higher bandwidth, lower latency, and more capacity: cost-effective for high-speed data networking in large sites, the potential for real-time critical control functions and communications, edge architecture support.

Your idea precisely nurtured towards the final product.

Whether you are an experienced product company or a startup company with a novel idea, we can assist you in getting your product to market earlier. We can assist in any phase of the electronic development — from filling a specific gap to providing a full turnkey solution. We have the expertise and the international capability of an experienced design partner to accelerate the route to success .

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