Radical personalization.

Advanced Analytics in Hospitality

Creating opportunity from data.

Meet Customer Needs

With advances in artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, hospitality companies will be able to create unique offers and experiences in real time and at scale that appeal to the needs and desires of each individual traveler.

On-Property Product Recommendations

Hospitality companies are beginning to link predictive analytics with geolocation data to deliver effective recommendations on-property and in real-time through mobile apps.

Enhance Customer Service

Chatbots – messaging platforms powered by AI or AI-plus humans – will get better at conversing with users and handling all the steps in the travel journey from research to booking a stay.

Extend Travel Experience

Virtual-assistant platforms will challenge companies and consumers to think differently about travel booking. The results of a voice search, to be of any value, will be radically simpler, personalized, and ranked.

Digitize the Customer Journey

AI-enabled robots can tackle many on-property functions like check-in, concierge, and room-service tasks, as long as the robots prove friendly, safe, and capable. 

Smart Revenue Management

Advances in machine learning will improve hospitality’s ability to optimize pricing through more accurate analyses and predictions based on market demand signals, local room availability, and a deep understanding of the individual customer’s willingness to pay.

Effective Cost Management

Predictive maintenance empowers hospitality companies to make highly accurate guesses about where what to repair when. It focuses human attention where and when it’s most needed.