Connected Product: DOC-RF* 

 IoT and Digital Industry: a clallenging land of opportunites.

Product’s Analog Development; optimisation-centric 

The impact of the Analog portion in a product’s overall budget and success for the world markets is on a constant growth on a period-by-period basis. Short-sight equals short-outreach thus short-life for RF connected products. 

* ACCADEMIS’s key focus is in DOC-RF: “Developed Optimised-Centric for Radio-Frequency”.

Design for manufacturability, safety, modularity, reliability, short prototyping cycles, R-BOM flexibility, strategic compliance!

  • Connected Product Design
  • Radio-frequency Validation
  • Wireless Reliability Engineering

  • Compliance and Certification
  • Value Engineering
  • Obsolescence Management

Design Phase

Layout Design

Components Specification

Physical layout

Electrical connections

Tools: Protel, PADs (Power PCB)

Circuit Design

Block diagrams

electrical functions

Proof of feasibility

Test procedures

Tools: OrCAD, Allegro

Reference Circuit Review

Specifications review

Reference design evaluation

Tools: OrCAD, Allegro

Customer Review Design

Design demonstration

Corrective design


Tools: Cloud Collaboration, Review and Approval

Post-Design Phase

Prototype Assembly

Prototyping method selection

Prototype build

Tools: Special Design Fixture, 3D Printing

Function & Performance Test

Components measurements

Entire function tests

Tools: FPI Inspector, 3D X-Ray

Performance Tuning

Performance variability reduction

Characterisation & optimisation

Tools: Wireless Analyser, Analyser Server Suite

Design Quality Assurance

Failure analysis

Quality assurance tests

Quality assurance processes

Tools: PADs, OrCAD

On-Demand Hands-On

Functional RF & Tuning Tools

  • WLAN Tester
  • Bluetooth Tester
  • Rework Station 

RF Packet Measurements

  • Network Analyser
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Pattern Generator
  • Signal Generator

Stress Assessments

  • Torque Stress
  • Drop Tower
  • Vibration Tests
  • Thermal Cycling
  • Waterproof Tests